Regarding the attack advertisement being ran against Jon Cross:

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS… attached, is a copy of a CEASE AND DESIST LETTER to local media in 83rd district from the American Conservative Union, the oldest and largest conservative organization in America. 

This letter is regarding a political action committee (PAC) called the Conservative Alliance PAC, which has been airing “false and misleading ads” against Jon, per the cease and desist letter. This fraudulent PAC not only made false accusations about him, but lied about who they listed as their board of directors. Furthermore, ACU mentions Jon’s name and campaign, directly stating they are NOT opposing him and these ads are misleading the public. 

Statement from Jon:

I am the 100% principled conservative candidate in this race. Sadly, the public has been scammed, and I understand lawsuits have been filed. 

I am now calling on both the local media to PULL ALL ADS from the Conservative Alliance PAC, and I’m asking my opponent Cheryl Buckland For State Representative to once again, immediately denounce this fraudulent Conservative Alliance PAC. – Jon Cross