From Ohio Rep Nino Vitale (OH-85):

How are you voting on Ohio’s Issue 1 Redistricting Plan?

If you want the short version, VOTE NO; it’s not perfect now but it’s a lot better than this plan. If you want the detail in 4 points, keep reading.

Point 1
This creates a situation where districts will likely be drawn every 4 years. One of the reasons we do a census every 10 years is so that we can assess the population and decide how the representation will be drawn. Under this proposal, we have no new population data, so the drawing is done, not on facts, but on the will of a few politicians. I don’t trust them to do the right thing. It has worked using real data from the census for many years. Using data is a non-partisan way to determine how the lines should be drawn.

Point 2
“Not later than September 30 of a year ending in the numeral one, the General Assembly must pass a congressional district plan in the form of a bill by the affirmative vote of 60% of the members of each house, including the affirmative vote of at least ½ of the members of the minority party in each house.”
These requirements make it nearly impossible for a proposal to pass the General Assembly. If one party suspects that the plan favors one party over another, the bill will never pass and the parties will never agree, almost guaranteeing that the plan with go to the unelected commission. This is the entire plan. Get it in the hands of a select few that will do what the swamp politicians want. That’s not good representative government.
The Ohio Redistricting Commission, if it met tomorrow, would consist of: the Governor, Auditor, Secretary of State, one person appointed by the Speaker, one appointed by the House minority leader, one appointed by the Senate President, and one appointed by the Senate minority leader. They would make all the decisions. People fear tyranny of the majority, what about tyranny of the minority!

Currently, we have a speaker that has resigned in disgrace over an FBI investigation; we have one donor that has donated millions to chairmen and other reps in the Ohio House so she has control over everything and she may be under FBI investigation as well. We have a house minority leader that is now accused of blocking child abuse cases and abusing his power. And finally, a governor who was voted in by one party to represent our values and is now, representing the other party in much that he does. Do you really trust these people to make these decisions?

Point 3
Because of the way they have written the dates, this would have to pass the Ohio House as what is called an “Emergency Clause,” which means an even bigger hurdle than 60%, guaranteeing this will have to go to this small body to make all the decisions. I know this is ‘in the weeds’ for some but it’s a procedural clause they put in to ensure that only a small few have control of the process and that it never is voted on by the people.

Point 4
Governor Kasich, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others who have very concerning records in public office and all say this is great and drink schnapps to toast the plan. Really? I’m sorry but, as a conservative, freedom loving Ohioan, I don’t trust their judgement on these matters. Their swamp endorsement tells me that this is a bad deal.

State Representative Nino Vitale