If the Republican Party is going to survive the November mid terms, they need to act now..

For the past four elections, Republicans have made campaign promises, but unfortunately, have a consistent track record of failing to deliver on those promises. The Republican voting base has gotten the message loud and clear, don’t believe what the Republicans are telling.

If this track record continues through the summer and into the November elections, this may very well be the end of the Republican party as we know it.

HOWEVER – There is hope..  The majority of these broken promises can be traced to the lack of leadership in both the House and the Senate. The only way the Republican Party can show voters that they’re serious is to immediately install a leader that has a proven track record of representing the people and the conservative stands that they demand.

If the party wishes to come away from the November mid terms with a majority, the House MUST draft Rep Jim Jordan as their speaker, and do it NOW..   If they wait until the new congress convenes in January,  I fear they won’t be voting on the Speaker,  but instead will be electing the Minority Leader.

I urge ALL Republican, call your representative NOW. Tell them they MUST draft Jim Jordan as the speaker, AND they must support his agenda..

IMPORTANT – Go to Freedom Works (click here),  sign up for their list.  They are helping spread the word not just in Ohio, but across the nation.