Two years ago, the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition, and other groups headed up a project that recruited and ran candidates in all 66 Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee (SCC) seats.  This effort contributed to Chairman Borgess being ousted and Jane Timken being elected as the new Chair.  When Ms Timken took over the party, it was broke. They couldn’t meet payroll, phones and web server were being shut off, the bank account had been used as a piggy bank for Kasich’s Presidential run.

That group is once again positioning itself to re-take control of the party by once again funding SCC candidates that will do what Kasich tells them to do..  If we don’t make an effort to protect Chair Timken and elect State Central Committee members that support her,  odds are good she’ll be replaced with a Borges 2.0 after this years primary on May 8th..

We can stop this, but its going to require us to get active, and fast.. Find out whose running in your district and vote for them.  Support them, spread the work on Facebook, twitter, etc.

We’ve prepared a tool that can help you find your candidates.  You can use the links on the right side of this page.  Click on the QR code, or use your smart phone to scan the code.  On iPhones,  it will ask if you want to open up the web site, say yes.  On Droid phones,  you may need to download a QR code scanner from the app store to read the code.

Either way,  Spread the word,  Share this on Facebook, copy and paste the QR code.  Use it on any literature you print.

IMPORTANT – NWOCC can always use financial support.  PLEASE send what you can..