In 2016,  Conservative group volunteers from across Ohio worked with the NRA’s Political Victory Fund (NRA_PVF) to make hundreds of thousands of phone calls to Ohios Voters to inform them of Donald Trumps stand on the 2nd Amendment rights.

We’re happy to announce that the NRA-PVF once again has stepped up to the plate.  With the help from the same volunteers we’ll be manning the phones to tell Ohio’s voters that Senate Candidate Jim Renacci is a strong supporter of Ohioans 2nd Amendment rights..

John McAvoy said:

“While the party focuses on the Governors race,  our members know the importance of electing Jim Renacci into the senate seat and are happy to volunteer their time and energy to focus specifically on this vital race.  To that end, the NRA PVF has once again stepped up to the plate and will be working with the conservative group volunteers to get Jim Renacci elected to the Senate.”

CLICK HERE to read NRA endorsement announcement


There are two ways that you can help:

1)  Signup directly with the NRA to help.  CLICK HERE to go to their signup page..  Please go here , follow the links,  and set up your account..  You’ll use this account when we do the group events..

2) Conservative groups will be hosting “Phone Bank Events”, almost exactly like we did in the Trump 2016 election.    The NRA has worked with us to creat an exclusive “script” for our members that specifically focuses on the Jim Renacci race.  We won’t get diverted to other races that we may not be interested in.

How it works – We’ll acquire a large space, get some pizza and drinks,  and ask volunteers to come to the event and spend two hours making phone calls to Ohio’s voters..  When we did this in 2016,  we not only called all the voters in Ohio,  but when we were finished with the Ohio list,  the NRA asked if we’d be willing to work on other states list..  Ohio was the number one in the “calls made” by the NRA, thanks to pour volunteers and also the willingness of the NRA to address our concerns…

LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN.  Lets get Jim Renacci elected to the Senate…