The JANUS vs AFSCME ruling means one of the AFSCME’s largest activist PACs will be  scrambling for funding.

Below is a list of Contributions from AFSCME for the two years 2017 and 2018. AFSCME , Washington DC contributed over 2.5 million dollars to one of their Political Action Committee activist organization “For Our Future“..  This is just one union,  You can’t even imagine the amount of money that Unions divert to politics.

Now that forced union dues in the name of  “Fair Share Fees” can no longer be charged. AFSCME will be a little tighter with their money.  Perhaps the Public sector union AFSCME should look at the Oklahoma private sector union model..  Private sector unions are flourishing in Oklahoma, a Right to Work state, because the Unions are responsive to their members needs at the workplace, not the politicians needs at the polling place.

You can read more about the Janus vs AFSCME HERE

An Ohio Teacher, Sarah Lee filed a class action suit in Ohio on Monday..

contributor date amount recipient
AFSCME SA 1/1/2017 $55,553 For Our Future
AFSCME SA 3/27/2017 $250,000 For Our Future
AFSCME SA 4/1/2017 $55,534 For Our Future
AFSCME 4/25/2017 $50,000 National Campaign Training Cmte
AFSCME SA 6/14/2017 $2,000,000 For Our Future
AFSCME SA 7/3/2017 $55,534 For Our Future
AFSCME SA 9/20/2017 $61,876 For Our Future
AFSCME SA 10/20/2017 $55,016 For Our Future
AFSCME SA 1/24/2018 $59,048 For Our Future
AFSCME 3/7/2018 $50,000 National Campaign Training Cmte
TOTAL $2,642,561

Source – OpenSecrets .org