Jim Jordan is a very serious threat to the Deep State in Washington DC, , AND  right in our very own Columbus, Ohio.  As a threat,  we find the House of Representative and the Ohio Republican party are pulling out all the stops to protect and provide cover to those who want to stay in power with the status quo and will fight any attempts to bring the power back to the people.

At today’s Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee,  the Chairman Jane Timkin refused to bring up for possible vote to endorse Rep Jim Jordan for the Speaker of The House.  Our very own,  Ohio,  Speaker of the House….  AND THE PARTY REFUSES TO SUPPORT HIM………..


Word has it that she refused to bring it to the floor for the 66 member State Central Committee  members to vote on,  BECAUSE SHE WAS AFRAID IT WOULD LOSE..    REALLY???

Although this would indeed be bad for Jim Jordan.  I want to know who of those 66 State Central Committee Representatives would have voted NO..

ALSO – There was murmurs that some of Ohio Republican US House Representatives also don’t want Jim Jordan as speaker and are putting pressure on the Ohio Republican Party to NOT endorse Jordan for Speaker..

Once again the Conservative and Liberty minded voters will be held hostage by the Ohio Republican Party.

We are going to commit to voting for candidates that we know do not support Jim Jordan for Speaker..  YES,  I urge ALL voters to vote the “R” in your House race,  regardless if they’ll support Jim Jordan or not.

We are going to suck it up take it in the you know what, one more time..  But once again,  we are being held hostage and must comply..


We need a YES / NO / DANCE AROUND from each of the 16 Republican candidates running for US House.  Will they vote for Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House..

Steve Chabot (1)
Brad Wenstrup (2)
Jim Jordan (4)
Bob Latta (5)
Bill Johnson (6)
Bob Gibbs (7)
Warren Davidson (8)
Mike Turner (10)
Troy Balderson (12)
David Joyce (14)
Steve Stivers (15)
Ji9m Renacci (16)