Monday evening the Toledo Tea Party and the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition held their annual fundraiser “Lincoln Day Dinner.”  As in previous events,  the two groups managed to pull out all the stops to secure a headline speaker, and conduct another sell out attendance record.

The two main events for the evening was to hear from all Gubernatorial and Senate candidates,  and then feature the main speaker,  Ohio Republican Party Chair, Jane Timken.

Unfortunately,  two weeks before the event, Gubernatorial Candidate Mike DeWine declined to participate. Three days before the event,  Senate Candidate Jim Renaci, who knew about this event since November of last year,  indicated he had scheduling conflicts.

Attendance included a broad representation of Republican Party and Conservative leadership, candidates and activists. Attendance at  NWOCC events is always a good mix of Party and conservative activist, and fairly well mix off Hard core Republicans all the way to hard core conservatives,  and everyone in between.

After the Gubernatorial and Senate candidates spoke,  Straw Poll ballots were filled out,  then collected by UR College Republican volunteers.


The straw poll taken at the March 26, 2018 Reagan Day dinner in Perrysburg OH , sponsored by the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition and Toledo Tea Party are as follows:
Ohio Governor
Taylor/Estruth           84%
DeWine/Husted        16%
                                                  150 votes cast
US Senate Ohio
Gibbons                     54%
Ackison                      37%
Renacci                        7%
Elkhart                         2%
Kiley                             0%
                                                      155 votes cast

One might say that the poll is skewed because it was a “Tea Party” event..  This argument doesn’t hold water as the attendance was a broad mix of non-tea party  and tea party people..

ALSO – An interesting point was when Chair Timken was speaking.  Near end of her presentation,  she spoke on behalf of the candidates that the Ohio GOP endorsed,  Specifically DeWine and Renacci.    When she mentioned DeWine and all the great things he supposedly done,  there were only two people in the room who applauded..  A young woman who works for the Ohio GOP and a very high school student who supports DeWine,.