Toledo, OH—Today, the Toledo Tea Party announces their enthusiastic endorsement of Mary Taylor and Nathan Estruth’s campaign for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. The Toledo Tea Party is the preeminent Tea Party organization in Northwest Ohio, and represents the heart of the conservative movement in the region.

John McAvoy, Chair Toledo Tea Party said, “As the state director of the Healthcare Freedom Amendment, I had the opportunity to work with Ms Taylor.  She was a strong opponent of the Obamacare State Exchanges.  She unsuccessfully fought Governor Kasich on the implementation of Obamacare Medicaid Expansion, pointing out the billion dollar cost that Ohioans would face.  We’re also impressed with Mr. Estruth’s business resume.  His business experience is unsurpassed by any other politician in the State of Ohio and he is a welcome addition to the ticket”.

“I expect that conservatives in the state are waking up to this election cycle, and they know that Mike DeWine is not a conservative. He has a long history of betraying the conservative movement, even teaming up with Chuck Schumer while in the Senate,” McAvoy said.

“Recent poll numbers from our friends at the We the People Convention show that DeWine is a paper tiger candidate – with only 35% support and with 33% undecided. With DeWine having near universal name ID, it is clear that the majority of Ohio Republicans do not want him to be our next governor. I call on all republicans, conservatives, and Tea Party members to coalesce around Mary Taylor and Nathan Estruth to be our next Governor and Lt. Governor of Ohio.”

Toledo Tea Party, Inc. is an Ohio registered non-profit corporation.  For more information please visit or contact us at [email protected].