This week,  the University of Toledo College Democrats (UTCD) put up a large photo shopped banner depicting President Trump dressed up in KKK garb.

We’re a little confused as to the message the UTCD is attempting to send:

If we view the UTCD banner in the context of the Democrat parties historical past,  its obvious the UTCD are telling their fellow students that they love Trump and are claiming him as one of their own.

On the other hand, if the University of Toledo no longer teaches history,  or if the UTCDs students skipped that class and got an “F”,  then we assume the goal of the UTCD isn’t to solve problems, but the goal is to instill hate, bigotry, and racism into fellow students.

If the UTCD students paid attention in history class,  they may have discovered some very embarrassing facts regarding the Democrat Party that they’re supporting.

The Democrat Party was founded and operated on many of the same principles as that of the KKK,  particularly that slaves were just that,  they were owned like any other property and were not to be given any rights that whites would receive.

The Democrat National Convention of 1924, also known as the “Klanbake” highlighted the racism that was for the most part, the Democrat party.

13th Amendment – Abolish slavery:   Republican support 100%,  Democrat support 23%.

14th Amendment – Citizenship to freed slaves:  Republican support 94%,  Democrat support  ZERO.

15th Amendment – Right to vote:  Republican support 100%,  Democrat Support ZERO.

We applaud the UTCD for their efforts on Black History month,  but we believe they need to attend the history classes.

One important fact they failed to discuss, was Martin Luther King was a Republican?  It should come as no surprise that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. In that era, almost all black Americans were Republicans. Why? From its founding in 1854 as the anti-slavery party until today, the Republican Party has championed freedom and civil rights for blacks. And as one pundit so succinctly stated, the Democrat Party is as it always has been, the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism.